China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 29)

China is stockpiling oil and gold, raising questions and concerns about preparation for an invasion of Taiwan.

Taiwan reports renewed Chinese military activity near the island. This comes just days after Beijing wrapped up its provocative two-day war games.

North Korea is making a rare criticism against its biggest ally—China—after Beijing joined two of its neighbors in discussing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

An NYPD officer has been fired amid explosive allegations of spying for the Chinese Communist Party.

  1. China Stockpiling Oil, Gold Amid Taiwan Tensions
  2. China Stockpiling Not Solely Due to Taiwan: Expert
  3. Chinese Military Activities Ramp Up near Taiwan
  4. Second U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits Taiwan
  5. Taiwan Government Says It Will Reject Parliament Reform Bill
  6. China, North Korea at Odds on Nuclear Weapons
  7. Court to Hear Challenges to Possible TikTok Ban in Sept
  8. Chinese NYPD Officer Fired After CCP Spying Accusation
  9. China to Send Two Pandas to Washington Zoo
  10. U.S. Picks Asia Hand as New Top Diplomat in Taiwan
  11. China Says Taiwan Drills Test Ability to ‘Seize Power’
  12. Top U.S. Commander Visits Japan, Lauds Military Alliance
  13. Philippines: New China Maritime Rules Are ‘Worrisome’
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