China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 3)

Beijing is exploiting the anti-Israel protests to sling mud on the United States and its democratic system. We take a deep dive into how state-run media are doing it.

A letter from lawmakers reveals that a child called a congressional office and threatened suicide if TikTok is ousted. They point to the Chinese-owned app’s decision to ask its users to contact Congress.

Chinese telecom giant Huawei is back in the spotlight despite Washington’s blacklist. A lawmaker is outing the company for funding the latest in American innovation at top universities. The House’s top China hawk weighs in.

The United States and China are facing off on multiple fronts. Besides TikTok, popular online shopping app Temu is raising data collection and safety concerns in the United States. Is the Chinese app sending American info into Beijing’s hands? Plus, a political movement in China makes a return. An expert breaks down how it could impact the Chinese Communist Party.

  1. China Uses Anti-Israel Protests to Push Propaganda
  2. Did TikTok Violate Child Protection Laws?
  3. Huawei Secretly Funds Top U.S. Innovations: Report
  4. Democrats Call on Biden to Raise Tariffs on China
  5. Beijing Weaponizes Data from Chinese Tech Firms: Fleming
  6. Austin: U.S., Philippines Defense Treaty ‘Ironclad’
  7. U.S. and Allies Oppose Force in South China Sea
  8. White House on Biden Calling Japan, India ‘Xenophobic’
  9. Meet the Women Fighting to Relocate Their Serbian Village
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