China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 4)

Senate Democrats are announcing an upcoming bill to counter China. Its goals are to stop the United States from serving as financial lifeblood for Beijing; shoring up America’s key industries; and showing commitment to Taiwan. But there’s even more to the story. A China competition bill passed last year is facing strong pushback.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Senate Eyes New Competition Bill to Counter China
  2. Senators Override Biden’s China Solar Rule
  3. Blinken Hopes to Reschedule Trip to China This Year
  4. Billionaire Investor: U.S., China ‘On the Brink of War’
  5. Anti-War Social Media Post Goes Viral in China
  6. NTD Host Urges Beijing to Release His Father
  7. Italy ‘Unlikely’ to Renew Belt and Road Deal: Official
  8. What ChatGPT and China Mean for the World: Rex Lee

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