China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 5)

China’s illegal police station in New York City has been shut down, but what about the Chinese consulates? Two lawmakers are pushing for a new bill, aiming to do just that and boot Chinese diplomats out of America. But it wouldn’t be the first time. The Chinese consulate in Houston was shut down under the Trump administration years ago.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Lawmakers Push Bill to Close NYC’s Chinese Consulate
  2. Lawmaker ‘Covering Up Deals’ with China: NRSC
  3. Canada Summons, Weighs Ousting Chinese Ambassador
  4. China Exporting Censorship Model: Journalist
  5. China Holds Rare Military Drills with Laos
  6. Taiwan Holds Drills, Preparing for Possible Attack
  7. New York’s ‘Tongs’ Are Tied to Beijing, Serve Beijing’s Interests: Philipp

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