China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 8)

How easy is it to accidentally buy clothing made from forced-labor cotton? A new report shows that the possibility is far larger than expected—even in the United States—despite Congress having already banned companies from importing the material.

The United States is revoking certain permission for selling microchips to a sanctioned Chinese giant. Find out which American tech companies are feeling the heat.

The United States and the Philippines sink a mock enemy ship in the South China Sea. We have more on the message it’s sending to Beijing.

We take a look at the latest chapter of TikTok’s legal showdown with the U.S. government, including revealing facts about the social media app’s billionaire Chinese founder.

  1. Banned Cotton Found in 1/5 of U.S., Global Stores
  2. U.S. Revokes Licenses for Huawei Suppliers
  3. China’s Xi Bolster Ties with Serbia During Europe Visit
  4. U.S., Philippines Blow Up Ship in Military Drills
  5. Rocket Debris Hit Southwestern China
  6. Australia Condemns China’s Stance on Recent Clash
  7. TikTok Filing Lawsuit ‘Is Telling’: House China Committee
  8. China-Made Tesla Sales Fall in April: Data
  9. Hong Kong Court Bans Protest Song at Beijing’s Request
  10. Chinese Regime’s Threats Against Religious Freedom
  11. Shen Yun Shows ‘A Better, More Peaceful World’: Director
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