China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 8)

Mexico is now seizing illegal fentanyl shipped from China. If not stopped, the chemicals could get smuggled across the southern border. The drug has already killed record numbers of Americans. Beijing already stopped cooperating with the United States on combating fentanyl after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Mexico Intercepts Fentanyl Packages from China
  2. China, U.S. Agree on Need to Improve Relations
  3. 9K+ Chinese Chip Companies Shut Down in Two Years
  4. Heavy Flooding Hits Eastern China
  5. Prolonged Drought in Southeast China Hits Agriculture
  6. Controlling Machines with the Mind: China Announces World’s First BCI Success on Non-Human Primates
  7. Chinese City Pays Wages in Digital Yuan
  8. EU Proposes Sanctions on Chinese Companies
  9. China Doesn’t Give ‘Two Hoots’ About UK: Lord Patten
  10. NATO Plans Tokyo Office Over Growing Threat
  11. Legitimate Business Competition Can Be Considered Violation of Chinese Law: Pelson
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