China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 10)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 10, 2022China in Focus

China’s leader is ordering preparation for wars. Xi Jinping is requesting the Chinese military to “devote all its energy” to gearing up.

A top U.S. general says the United States will help train and equip Taiwan. At the same time, a Navy admiral is sending out a warning.

The president of the California Board of Education gets an education accolade totaling nearly $4 million. But it comes with a strong link to Beijing.

A tech company is finding a way around Washington’s sweeping sanctions. We zoom in on what a U.S. microchip giant has done to keep selling chips to China.

Germany is blocking Chinese investors from buying two German chip makers. The economy minister says his country isn’t naive.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Xi Jinping Tells Chinese Military to Devote All Energy to Preparing to Fight Wars
  2. Top U.S. General Secures Military Support for Taiwan
  3. U.S., Japan Hold Joint Military Drill near Taiwan
  4. Calif. Education Board President Gets Chinese Award
  5. Nvidia Makes New Chips for China, Evades Export Ban
  6. Germany Blocks Chinese Investment in 2 Chipmakers
  7. U.S., Taiwan Start Trade Talks, Deepen Relations
  8. North Korean Missile Is Soviet-Era: South Korea
  9. China Rises on Priority List for Either Party: Yates

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