China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 11)

The Los Angeles District Attorney is now dropping charges against a CEO after U.S. election-related data was allegedly stored by a company in China.

At least 11 Canadian election candidates were accused of taking funds from the Chinese Communist Party. A recent report details the situation from back in 2019.

British police are investigating foreign police stations. They say China is operating overseas law enforcement offices—and they’re pressuring dissidents.

President Joe Biden is set to meet Chinese leader Xi Jinping next week. Will he address concerns over the origin of the pandemic?

China is easing some of its COVID-19-related curbs, likely to minimize the damage to its economy.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Charges on Election Software CEO Dropped
  2. Trudeau Responds: Beijing Election Influence Report
  3. British Police Probe Chinese Police Stations in UK
  4. Chinese Premier Hails Economic Ties with Asean
  5. Biden to Gauge ‘Red Lines’ with China’s Xi Jinping
  6. China Eases COVID-19 Curbs to Cut Economic Stress
  7. China’s Guangzhou Under Lockdown Amid Surging Cases
  8. China Singles Day Shopping Lacks Sales Oomph
  9. West Should Organize Together Against China: Yates

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