China in Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 16)

The FBI chief gives the bureau’s first-ever warning about TikTok and explains why he’s “extremely concerned” about the popular social media app.

Are investors phasing out of China? Warren Buffett is selling Chinese electric carmaker stock and buying up shares in a Taiwanese microchip producer.

Another American investor is detailing why he stopped investing in China.

On the other hand, some Western investors are buying in, seeing China’s struggling real estate sector as a chance to get in on a possible future resurgence.

As wealthy democracies stick to a coal phase-out plan, China is building new plants.

COVID-19-related lockdown orders were lifted in Guangzhou city, but only briefly—giving a short-lived taste of freedom after a mass protest.

Topics in this episode:

  1. FBI ‘Extremely Concerned’ by China-Owned TikTok
  2. Buffett Sells Chinese EV Maker Stock, Buys Taiwanese Microchip Maker Shares
  3. Tech Investor Draper Turns from China to Taiwan
  4. Some Western Investors Buy into China’s Stumbling Real Estate Sector
  5. COP27: Democracies Will Stick to Coal Phase-Out as China Builds New Plants
  6. China’s Xi Holds Meetings with U.S. Allies: G20
  7. Guangzhou Lockdown Briefly Lifted After Mass Protest
  8. $4.7B Kenyan-Chinese Railroad Ends in ‘Empty Field’
  9. U.S. Military Stretched Due to Multiple Fronts: Newsham

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