China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 17)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 17, 2023China in Focus

A devastating blaze erupts at an office building in China, killing 26. We take a look at a series of deadly incidents.

Is there a covert link between an illegal biolab in California and the Chinese military?

A viral hashtag backing 9/11’s most infamous terrorist brings TikTok back to the hot seat.

A United States service member was spotted holding the flag of the Chinese communist regime as leader Xi Jinping arrived for a meeting with President Joe Biden.

Topics in this episode:

  1. 26 Dead in Fire in China Coal Company Office
  2. House Committee: CA Biolab Owner ‘Dubious Ties’ to CCP
  3. U.S. Government Pension Fund to Boot Hong Kong, China Investments
  4. Biden: U.S. Is a ‘Pacific Power’ in APEC Speech
  5. U.S., Japan, South Korea Leaders Meet at APEC
  6. U.S. Service Member Held China Flag at Xi-Biden Talks
  7. Content Backing Bin Laden Goes Viral on TikTok
  8. TikTok Banned in 34 U.S. States, 16 Countries
  9. EU Leader Sets Goal for China Meeting Next Month
  10. Talks Slow Deterioration of U.S.-China Ties ‘For the Moment’: Strub
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