China in Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 2)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 2, 2022China in Focus

A longtime congressional aide has been fired for allegedly working on China’s behalf.

Twitter is removing over 2,000 China-based accounts. They’re said to have fanned the flames of political division in the United States ahead of the midterm elections.

Another American microchip maker is cutting its China operations amid sweeping sanctions from Washington.

The Netherlands orders China to close police offices inside the country, after Ireland did the same.

A North Korean missile landed just miles from South Korea’s coast. South Korea is responding with its own launch.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Congressman’s Aide Fired Over China Ties
  2. Twitter Ousts China-Based Political Accounts
  3. Twitter Director Allegedly Tied to China Leaves
  4. U.S. Chipmaker Marvell to Cut China R&D Operation
  5. Netherlands Orders Chinese Police Station Closures
  6. U.S. to Send Six B-52 Bombers to Australia
  7. U.S. to Pull Military Jets from Japan Amid Pushback
  8. EU Industry Chief Issues China Warning
  9. N. Korean Missile Lands Off S. Korean Coast
  10. $715M Michigan Tax Money to Go to Chinese Company
  11. U.S. Stuck in Green Energy Dilemma, Restore Sanity to Solve Root Cause: Leduff

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