China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 30)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 30, 2023China in Focus

A spike in deaths has taken place for Chinese Communist Party members amid China’s pneumonia outbreak. And an 8-year-old patient was hit with a brain attack typically seen in patients around 70 years old.

Surging pneumonia infections are leading U.S. lawmakers to raise concerns over China’s transparency. What is Congress asking of the CDC?

Chinese influence operations have been uncovered and removed from Meta. The social media giant says China-linked campaigns are ramping up, and fake accounts are targeting Americans.

Former diplomat Henry Kissinger died at 100 years old. After a hundred visits to China during his service, he’s known to have pushed the U.S.-China relations opening decades ago.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Spike in CCP Member Deaths Amid Pneumonia Outbreak
  2. Transparency Fears Over Virus Surge in China
  3. Five Chinese Influence Networks Removed: Meta
  4. Kissinger Dies at 100 Years Old: Credited for China’s Opening
  5. Japan Acts After Fatal U.S. Military Plane Crash
  6. Taiwan Reports More Chinese Military Activity
  7. China Ramping Up Cyberattacks Against Taiwan: Google
  8. Views on China as ‘Enemy’ of the U.S. Grow: Poll
  9. Taiwan President: China Too ‘Overwhelmed’ to Invade
  10. JPMorgan Chase to Exit China If Ordered: CEO
  11. U.S. Agricultural Exports to China Drop by 18%
  12. CCP Propaganda Tactic Aims at U.S. Youth: Thornebrooke
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