China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 7)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
November 7, 2023China in Focus

Fresh waves of protests are breaking out in China, with demonstrators ranging from teachers to medical professionals.

A gym collapsed in northeast China, killing three and injuring one.

Money and professionals are flowing out of mainland China and toward Hong Kong. What’s causing the exodus?

Developing countries owe Chinese lenders over $1 trillion. But how and why is China handing out the loans?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Teachers, Medical Workers Stage Protests in China
  2. Beijing Hands Out Rescue Loans on Belt and Road Debt
  3. U.S. ’10-20 Years Behind Asia’ on Batteries: Lawmakers
  4. More Wealth Flow from China to Hong Kong: HSBC CEO
  5. Talent Scheme Drawing Mainland Chinese to Hong Kong
  6. China, Australia Relaunch Annual Leaders Meetings
  7. Tokyo Holds Drill Amid N. Korea Missile Fears
  8. 3 Dead After Fitness Gym Collapses in China
  9. Unseasonable Blizzards Hit Northeast China
  10. Beijing Replaces ‘Tibet’ Name with a Chinese Term
  11. ‘The Rise of a Second Soviet Union’: Gen. Spalding on China Military Expansion
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