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October 10, 2022China in Focus

Taiwan is celebrating its National Day. Marking the occasion, the island’s president says a war between Taiwan and China is “absolutely not an option.”

Elon Musk is offering a proposal: Taiwan hands over some control to Beijing, and becomes a “special administrative region” of China. But Taiwan says its freedom isn’t for sale.

An update on the U.S. fentanyl crisis: Within months, American authorities seized enough fentanyl to kill 36 million people—10 percent of the country’s population.

Nuclear threats are coming from Russia, North Korea, and China. What do the dynamics look like? We sat down with Rick Fisher, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, to learn more.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Taiwan: War w/ China ‘Absolutely Not an Option’
  2. Musk Offers Proposal on China-Taiwan Tensions
  3. A Look at China’s ‘Special Administration Zone’; Could Taiwan Become the Next Hong Kong?
  4. Palau Supports Taiwan Despite ‘Mounting Aggressions’
  5. DOJ: 36 Million Lethal Doses of Fentanyl Seized
  6. China Certifies New Jet to Compete with Boeing
  7. Philippines, U.S. Rekindle Ties; Hold Joint Amphibious Landing Drills
  8. U.A. Lawmakers Question Biden Admin Over CCP Recruiting from Top U.S. Nuclear Lab
  9. U.S. Should Return to Nuclear Deterrence: Rick Fisher

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