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October 12, 2022China in Focus

China is the greatest challenge to the United States: The Biden administration is labeling the communist country in its National Security Strategy.

Chinese companies are delisting from American stock markets, with their value taking a plunge. One Western audit company is facing a massive fine for fraud.

New evidence is hinting at a Chinese cover-up about the origin of COVID-19. Data reveals China stockpiled personal protective equipment before the pandemic broke out.

A report says Beijing is on track to surpass Washington in the space race by 2045. But an expert fears that timeline could be a lot closer.

Topics in this episode:

  1. White House Releases New National Security Plan
  2. U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies See Value Drop
  3. U.S. Regulator Fines Deloitte-China for Fake Audit Compliance
  4. Report: China Stockpiled PPE Before Outbreak
  5. Solomon Islands Police Head to China for Training
  6. Real Long-Term Threat Is China: UK Intelligence Head
  7. Chinese Christians: Fled China to Avoid Persecution
  8. Space Race: Will China Surpass the U.S.?

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