China In Focus Full Broadcast (Oct. 5)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
October 5, 2023China in Focus

More than 18,000 Chinese nationals have illegally crossed the U.S. border this year, worrying five U.S. senators. The question remains: Who are they and why are they here?

Chinese electric car maker Nio is losing $35,000 for each car it sells, but huge subsidies from Beijing are helping keep the company afloat, and even helping it grow.

A category four typhoon hits Taiwan, leaving at least one dead. As the storm brings heavy rain and winds to the island, what’s the forecast for neighboring China?

Free COVID-19 test kits are coming from the White House, but where is the money for them really going?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Lawmakers Press Homeland Security to Address Chinese Migrant Influx
  2. $3.2 Million Flows to China for Free COVID-19 Test Kits
  3. House Passed Four Amendments to Deepen U.S.-Taiwan Ties
  4. Typhoon Koinu Makeds Landfall on Taiwan
  5. Chinese EV Company Loses $35K Per Car Sold
  6. White House: Huawei’s Illicit Chip Production ‘No Surprise’
  7. GOP Senators Investigating TikTok’s China Connections
  8. Indonesia Bans TikTok’s E-Commerce Platform
  9. EU Probing Subsidies Behind Chinese Electric Cars
  10. Chinese State-Owned Companies Aiding Military: Report
  11. Beijing: Hoping for Faster Post-Pandemic Recovery
  12. CCP Blackmailing Uyghurs Amid Diaspora: Abbas
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