China in Focus Full Broadcast (Sept. 23)

At least 22 people died in a single day. With quarantine orders still locking down Xinjiang, locals blame the losses on lacking food and medical care.

Chinese and U.S. foreign ministers met in New York for their first face-to-face talks since President Joe Biden said the United States would defend Taiwan against an invasion.

Florida’s governor is working to counter the Chinese communist regime, taking aim at foreign influence and espionage with a new order.

A treasury official is taking aim at Beijing—the world’s largest creditor. He says China’s failure to act could impact low- and middle-income countries.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Report: 22 Starved to Death in One Day in Xinjiang
  2. Beijing-Ordered Lockdowns Spark Resentment in Tibet
  3. Blinken Meets Chinese Counterpart in New York
  4. Gov. Desantis: ‘Stop China Influence’
  5. Southeast Asia Outpacing Chinese Economic Growth
  6. Treasury Official Aims at China’s Lending Practices
  7. Hong Kong to End Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for Travelers
  8. How U.S. Companies Became Subservient to China and How to Stop It: Clyde Prestowitz

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