China In Focus Full Broadcast (Sept. 26)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
September 26, 2023China in Focus

The Pentagon has plans for a rare earth magnet factory in the United States. The company it’s tapping to do it carries a major China footprint.

Ford is halting construction of a $3.5 billion electric vehicle battery plant. What’s behind the change of heart?

A new round of sanctions is coming from Washington on export controls. Who’s on the blacklist?

What really caused the deadly Maui wildfires? A pro-China campaign is pointing fingers at the United States. But is that the truth?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Planned U.S. Rare Earth Factory Tied to China Footprint
  2. Who Caused the Maui Wildfires? Pro-China Campaign Blames U.S.
  3. Ford Pauses Work on China-Linked EV Battery Plant
  4. Biden Makes New Pledges to Pacific States as China’s Influence Grows
  5. U.S. Army Chief Calls for Free Indo-Pacific
  6. S. Korea Holds Military Parade, Cautions N. Korea
  7. China Warns Philippines to Not Make ‘Provocations’
  8. China, S. Korea, Japan to Host Trilateral Talks
  9. U.S. Blacklists 28 Chinese, Russian Entities
  10. Taiwan President: Safeguard Free, Open Indo-Pacific; Australian Lawmakers Echo Message on Taipei Visit
  11. Swiss Bank UBS to Expand Cooperation with China’s ICBC
  12. Property Giant Evergrande Shares Tumble for Second Day
  13. Expert on Why Pacific Nations Are Key to U.S. Security
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