China in Focus Full Broadcast (Sept. 6)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
September 6, 2022China in Focus

Thousands of residents in Wuhan are protesting a lockdown mandate. The gathering may mark the largest demonstration the city has seen in three years.

Locals in another city are questioning authorities over following the rules.

A $30 million donation was given, all for Taiwan’s civilian defense programs. And one Taiwanese businessman is giving up his foreign citizenship in favor of the island.

A U.S. anti-missile system is moving into a South Korean military base.

In Tokyo, U.S. officials are boosting maritime ties with Japan and the Philippines.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Thousands in Wuhan Protest Against Lockdown
  2. Protest Leads to Lifting of Community Lockdown
  3. Shanghai Locals Support ‘Business of Conscience’
  4. U.S. Missile Defense System Moves to S. Korean Base
  5. Taiwan Businessman Donates $30m to Train Civilians
  6. U.S. Boosts Maritime Ties with Japan, Philippines
  7. Solomon Islands to Lift Ban on Foreign Ships Port Visit
  8. U.S. to Lead Pacific Meeting to Counter China
  9. Germany to Expand Military Presence in Indo-Pacific
  10. China Approves Inhaled Covid-19 Vaccine
  11. Mills: Chinese Dna Companies a ‘National Security Risk’

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