China In Focus Full Brodcast (Dec. 5)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 5, 2022China in Focus

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin warns of a crucial point in countering China—with today’s actions deciding the next generation’s future.

Anti-lockdown protests in China are now spreading to Wuhan. Hundreds of people are taking to the streets, tearing down COVID-19 control barricades.

Other cities are loosening COVID-19 curbs and removing virus testing booths. But the Chinese regime still shows no signs of canceling its zero-COVID-19 policy.

Beijing activated its highest “emergency response” level of censorship, following the start of mass protests across China.  Western tech companies are also suspected to be cooperating.

The UK says no to a Chinese “super embassy” in London.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Pentagon: U.S. Faces Critical Time in Countering China
  2. China’s Anti-Lockdown Protest Reaches Wuhan
  3. Beijing, Shenzhen Loosen More COVID-19 Curbs
  4. Leaked Notice: China Using Highest-Level Censorship Following Widespread Protests
  5. Protests Against CCP Continue Across the World
  6. China’s Xi ‘Unwilling’ to Accept Western COVID-19 Vax?
  7. Zero-COVID: Chinese Cities Falling Short on Cash
  8. U.S. Designates China Country of Particular Concern
  9. London Council Rejects Chinese ‘Super Embassy’
  10. ‘Not Willing to Give the World Another Tank Man Moment’: Steve Yates Comments on Beijing’s Strategy

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