China in Focus (July 16): Chinese Media Glorifies Flood Disaster

Southern China is still suffering from extensive flooding, but China’s state-controlled media is pushing propaganda.

The Trump administration is reportedly discussing a travel ban against all Chinese communist party members. An analyst says the United States is in for a Cold War that might be harder than the one with the Soviet Union.

A document titled “The Ten Prohibitions of Communist Party Members’ Beliefs” stipulates what is and isn’t acceptable for Chinese Communist Party members, including details of their personal lives.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr says 80 percent of economic espionage cases suffered by the United States link back to China. He asks Americans to stand together and resist the CCP’s attempts at further influence.

And, an investigation is underway into the risk posed by two Chinese social media companies. Both of them hold vast amounts of personal data from Americans but are obliged to hand over their user data at the request of the Chinese regime.

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