China in Focus (July 2): Chinese Residents Face Floods, Mudslides

Hundreds of trust investors in China gather together to defend their rights. Many are wondering, what happens when a trust is no longer trustworthy?

Residents in China’s largest city are facing fast-flowing floodwaters and mudslides. This, as officials label the floods the lowest emergency level, warning it’s just the beginning of flood season.

One of China’s most important agricultural regions is attack by locusts. The insects are decimating crops crucial to the region’s survival.

A Beijing mall has been shut down after a confirmed virus case was found. Now, residents are wondering about the efficacy of the health-tracing QR codes.

And a bipartisan bill sanctioning China is now heading to the U.S. president’s desk. This, in response to Beijing’s proceeding with its national security law for Hong Kong. See why analysts say the sanctions could strike a major blow to Beijing.

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