China in Focus (July 21): Flood Warnings Issued for 3 Major Rivers

China’s famous Yangtze river has already reached its highest recorded water level in half a century. Now, flood warnings for the Yellow and Huai rivers have been issued. But China’s rainy season has just begun.

Chinese authorities are taking extreme measures to get flooding under control, including blasting open an embankment. And in one small southern town, over 10,000 have been trapped by flood waters.

Concerns are rising over China’s food supply. Flooding in Southern and Central regions, plus drought in the North have hugely reduced the country’s viable crops.

Two Chinese hackers affiliated with the Communist Party were indicted in the United States for stealing intellectual property—including information related to the CCP virus.

And $60 million cash was found at the home of a Chinese official. But he’s not the first one to do it. That’s after he’s been put under investigation for corruption.

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