China in Focus (July 29): NASA Researcher Charged for Unreported China Ties

The Justice Department has announced that Simon Saw-Teong Ang, a professor at the University of Arkansas, was indicted by a federal grand jury on 42 counts of wire fraud and two of passport fraud. The department says Ang failed to disclose that he was working for a Chinese university and Chinese companies during the course of securing funding for a NASA research project.

More people from the United States and the UK have received unsolicited packages containing mysterious seeds from China. Authorities warned the seeds could be invasive species.

At least 55 million people have been affected by floods in China. Heavy rain is forecast for August in an even bigger area.

Snowfall on a hot summer day in Beijing. Authorities denied it was snow, while netizens quoted an ancient proverb that indicates some deeper meaning behind it.

A corrupt official in China was found to own 36 properties across China and Australia. In the past, Chinese officials have taken bribes in the form of hundreds of houses.

And the CEO of TikTok slammed Mark Zuckerberg for his veiled criticism. On the same day, President Donald Trump commented on a potential ban of the app.

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