China in Focus (July 15): No Officials Visit China’s Worst-Hit Flooded Regions

A Chinese official has been forced into a mental hospital for supporting democracy. Now, she’s facing a life sentence. Her daughter calling for help to save her.

The United States is ramping up challenges against China’s coercion in the South China Sea. An analyst says it signifies the China-United States confrontation is now expanding beyond trade and diplomacy into the geopolitical field.

Floods in the basin of China’s largest river, the Yangtze river, are drawing attention. Now, locals are sounding the alarm over flooding in another river.

A Chinese web-censor learned the value of free speech and democracy. He exposes the inside story of the CCP’s complex system of internet censorship. Last time he talked about the censorship behind TikTok. This time, he moves on to discuss the crisis in Hong Kong.

And presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden is under the spotlight after he quoted China’s former communist leader Mao Zedong. His comments came during a virtual fundraiser on Monday night.

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