China in Focus (July 6): US Navy, B-52 Bomber Drill in South China Sea

Heavy rains are causing flooding across central and southern China. Chinese officials have activated a level-three emergency response. They warn of high-risk storms, flooding, and landslides.

Beijing recently appointed a hardline Communist official from mainland China as head of a new powerful security agency in Hong Kong. This official is known for his harsh crackdown on an anti-corruption protest in China ten years ago.

British broadcasting watchdog Ofcom says China’s state-run broadcaster CGTN severely violated British broadcasting rules. This, after the station aired the forced confession of a UK citizen.

U.S. Navy aircraft carriers ‘USS Nimitz’ and ‘USS Ronald Reagan’ are conducting exercises in the contested South China Sea. They were joined by a B-52 bomber in a prominent display of U.S. military capabilities.

And reports that Confucius Institutes will be changing its name. The facilities have come under fire for pushing the Communist party’s ideology and propaganda worldwide.

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