China in Focus (July 7): 1300 Percent Increase in Espionage From China

Officials confirmed a case of bubonic plague in one Chinese city. On the same day, a patient was diagnosed with dengue fever in another region. But world health officials claim they don’t present a “high risk.”

Severe flooding and heavy rain prompted high-level alerts in central and southwest China. Previously delayed college entrance exams are postponed again, this time, due to the flood.

Footage of an unusual traffic accident in China shows a bus slowing down before making a sudden turn that sent it crashing into a lake below. Authorities say 21 were killed with more injured.

The FBI Director Christopher Wray calls China the greatest threat to the United States’ economic and national security. He reveals an increase of approximately 1,300 percent in economic espionage cases linked to China over the past decade.

China’s “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy appears to be fueling anti-Beijing sentiment worldwide. We explain what makes it unique, and where its roots come from.

And in Hong Kong, four Epoch Times distribution workers were arrested on July 1. Police threatened to send one of them to mainland China for live organ harvesting.

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