China in Focus (July 9): Chinese Fireworks Factory Explodes

A Chinese city in the south-west has been rocked by powerful blasts. This, after a fireworks factory exploded. Videos show the devastation.

Landslides hit China’s Guizhou province. Four villages and over 500 people were affected. Many are still missing.

Millions of federal dollars were given to companies with links to the Chinese regime. They were meant for American-owned small businesses to help keep their workers.

With a future in the U.S. market in jeopardy, some Chinese listed companies are looking to Hong Kong as an option. But one expert says the region’s core values could be shocked as a result.

The Chinese are losing trust in China’s Red Cross. A Chinese NGO founder said unlike the Red Cross in other countries, the one in China is state-controlled and is used to cover for the regime—it gives out the communist party approved narrative on humanitarian disasters.

And on the fifth anniversary of China’s sweeping crackdown on human rights lawyers, the last lawyer to be released is calling for justice.

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