China in Focus (June 1): Beijing Authorities Silent on Virus Situation

Residents in one Beijing village have been ordered to undergo virus testing. Now, they’re not allowed to leave their homes. But authorities don’t seem to be reporting the situation.

A rare strain of bird flu has infected a human for the first time ever. Called the H10N3 virus, the unique form of avian influenza has sickened a man in China.

Severe flooding drenches part of southern China. The overflow submerged roads and cars there, while a bride and groom were spotted on a raft sailing the flooded streets.

Two China-born members of New Zealand’s Parliament resigned last year, with curiously close timing. Now, local media is reporting that it’s because of their ties to the Chinese regime.

A new British aircraft carrier is set to cross through the South China Sea. The move shows that the post-Brexit UK is eager to see communist China respect international rules.

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