China in Focus (June 10): Another Elephant Herd in Southwest China

Chinese residents liken a quarantine site to a concentration camp in the city of Guangzhou. The facility was set up to combat a surge in the CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus there.

While under at-home quarantine, a group of Chinese citizens were seen crying out to nearby authorities for help. They explained they’d been stuck inside for days without food.

A communist party official was murdered at the university he worked for. A lecturer is the main suspect, and police say he was motivated by employment issues.

For the first time ever, a Chinese scientist is going on trial in the United States for hiding his research work in China, while taking government grants.

Another herd of elephants is on the move in southwestern China. The group comes after a separate band of 15, who caught the public eye with a more than 300-mile march.

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