China In Focus (June 2): Results From Wuhan’s Mass Testing Are In

Hong Kong will not have an outdoor vigil for the Tiananmen massacre victims this year, for the first time in the past three decades. But residents are determined to honor the dead in their own ways.

The final results are in after Wuhan’s initiative to test all of its residents. The results may surprise you.

Despite ongoing western condemnation for two decades, the CCP’s persecution of a spiritual group continues in secret, although the regime claims the secret police agency has been disbanded.

In the latest effort to stop Beijing from influencing Hollywood, federal help to studios may be cut if they bow to the pressure of censorship.

The widow of China’s whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang wrote on social media that she opposes U.S. lawmakers’ plan to name a street outside the Chinese embassy in Washington after Dr. Li. But locals in Wuhan told media that the widow might have been pressured by Chinese authorities to make the statement.

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