China in Focus (June 9): CCP Spends Millions on Propaganda in US News
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

An internal government document reveals contradictions in what China’s Communist Party members can do and what’s laid out in the constitution.

A Chinese firm announces it will punish employees who buy American-made cars or Apple iPhones instead of China-made ones. But some are pointing out the hypocrisy.

Beijing unveils plans to create a new free trade hub on one of its islands to replace Hong Kong. The detailed blueprint comes after Trump revoked Hong Kong’s special status two weeks ago.

New Harvard research suggests the CCP virus could have hit Wuhan much earlier than we thought. Satellite images show a spike in traffic around that city’s hospitals as early as August last year.

And a Chinese propaganda outlet paid millions of dollars to American news outlets to run ads that look like news reports.

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