China in Focus (March 1): Chinese Transplant Doctor Commits Suicide

A famous Chinese transplant surgeon’s death raises suspicions. It’s been ruled a suicide, but some are pointing to the Chinese regime’s practice of forced organ harvesting.

China’s most important annual political meetings are scheduled for later this week. But authorities there seem to be ramping up suppression of activists and justice-seekers ahead of the event.

A pandemic-control volunteer in China is asked to quarantine. But his stay quickly took an unexpected turn when he witnessed people there being driven insane by the facility’s poor conditions.

Almost 50 democracy activists have been targeted by Beijing. They’ve been charged with what authorities call “conspiracy to commit subversion.”

A Chinese TV show is in the hot seat after it aired a doctored photo. The photoshopped image replaces actress Selena Gomez’s face with that of a Chinese TV star.

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