China in Focus (March 10): China Cancels Film ‘Nomadland’ Over Director

China’s first ever Golden Globe winner is now facing backlash from her home country because of her criticism of China from back in 2013.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) head takes military tension with Taiwan to a new level. A top U.S. military officer warns of a potential invasion.

China’s new AI can recognize you, even if you’re wearing a mask. The software won a Shanghai-based company first place in a global tech competition.

A young man suffers 14 years in jail for leaking details about CCP head Xi Jinping’s daughter. The young man faced torture and was forced to confess.

China’s largest offshore oil producer delists from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s in compliance with a Trump-era order banning U.S. investment in companies tied to China’s military.

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