China in Focus (May 29): US Will End Hong Kong Special Privileges
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

President Donald Trump moves to make big policy changes between the U.S. and Hong Kong. It comes after the CCP passed its “so-called” national security law.

China’s latest push on Hong Kong has sparked various responses. From humanitarian assistance to not considering sanctions, here’s how different countries are reacting.

The Chinese communist regime’s mass spending on other countries has many believing it’s rich. But China’s premier revealed over 600 million Chinese live below the poverty line.

Overseas plaintiffs suing the Chinese regime over the virus now fear their families may face retaliation. One such man tells us his story.

And the UK wants to form a pact with 10 nations to develop their own 5G tech in efforts to reduce dependence on China’s Huawei.

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