China in Focus (Oct. 13): CCP Leader Tells Troops to Get Ready
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

China’s premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that the domestic and foreign environment in China remains complex and uncertain. Li urged that authorities governing at all levels “must insist on tightening their belts.”

China’s Qingdao city has begun it’s second day of mass CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus testing. Medical teams from other areas have reportedly been sent in to help, all for just 12 confirmed infections. That’s after 600 million people traveled across the country for China’s Golden Week holiday earlier this month. It was a major boost for the economy, despite concerns about increased CCP virus spread.

China resumed its broadcasts of NBA games. That’s after an almost year-long suspension.

China, Cuba, and Russia are vying for top seats at the UN human rights council. UN Watch compared it to allowing arsonists to join the fire brigade.

And CCP leader Xi Jinping visited a navy base, telling troops to “be ready.” This, as the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen toured a radar station that monitors missiles from nearby nations. The United States is moving forward with more weapons sales to Taiwan.

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