China in Focus (Sept 10): Pompeo Calls Out Beijing Hypocrisy on Free Press
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

Censorship isn’t the only way for the Chinese regime to manipulate public opinion. An internal document reveals how Beijing is distracting attention away from negative publicity.

The U.S. urged Southeast Asian nations to act together against China’s dominance. Some of them are facing aggression from the Chinese Communist Party in the South China Sea.

Plagiarism is common for the Chinese Communist Party. Its leader, Xi Jinping, has even plagiarized a famous slogan from Hong Kong protesters.

Is a China-made vaccine more or less trustworthy than imported ones? An expert in China attempted to tell TV viewers the truth, but in a way that kept him out of trouble.

And for Chinese tech giant Huawei, a shortage of processor chips is not the only problem it’s facing. Things seem to also be taking a turn for the worse in Europe.

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