China Pulls Keanu Reeves Movies Over Tibet

It’s day two for lockdown orders in China’s top financial hub. A Tesla factory closes its doors for the week, while bankers are spotted camping out in their offices.

Across China, strict stay-at-home measures are driving citizens to get creative—and find new ways to make ends meet.

A man has been found dead in his apartment after neighbors noticed something was very wrong. The incident struck a major Chinese city known as the “world’s factory.”

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves gets banned in China. His movies have been pulled from the country’s biggest streaming platforms, all because he attended a certain event.

In Shanghai, a prisoner of conscience is paralyzed after getting tortured inside a detention center. Guards carried out the assault after he refused to denounce his faith in the Falun Gong spiritual discipline.

The topics in this episode are:

Lockdowns Drive China Citizens to Unusual Solutions

Man Found Dead At Home During Lockdown

Senate Approves $52B Chips Bill To Combat China

Biden Defense Budget Outlines Plan To Counter China

China Pulls Keanu Reeves Movies Over Tibet

Falun Gong Practitioner Paralyzed Over Torture

‘In A Cage’: Foreign Student Under Shanghai Lockdown

One Child Policy Still Taking Toll Yrs Later: Expert

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