China Reveals Contingency Plan for Hong Kong Sanctions

After China lost its special trade status with Hong Kong, after the regime ended its international agreements on Hong Kong’s basic rights, it is looking to replace it’s economic system with Shenzhen city. RFA reports that Xi Jinping announced plans on October 14 to put Shenzhen at the heart of a new integrated economic zone that will include Hong Kong and the island of Macau.

Meanwhile, China has released a video of a new swarming drone-bomb system, which appears to be a knock-off of a similar US weapon system. The state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation posted a video on YouTube that shows ground-based systems launching tubes which unfold into gliding bombs that can be remotely controlled. It also showed one of the drone-bombs being launched from a helicopter. The weapon appears to be a copy of the US-901 drone swarm systems unveiled by the US Office of Naval Research, right down to the wing designs on the drones.

And, after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called out China’s attempt to subvert the American education system, China responded with terse words. In a joint letter with Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Pompeo pointed out a “real and growing threat” to American educational institutions, which the “the malign influence of the authoritarian government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on our nation’s campuses.” Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded by calling Pompeo’s words “slander”

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