500+ Chinese Students Denied US Visa

More bad news for China’s version of Uber. Ride-share service DiDi’s stock shares plunged over 20 percent after a crackdown from Chinese authorities. Its fall from stardom comes after a breakout listing in the U.S. stock market.

An American city councilman has been removed from his post, all because he vocally blames Beijing for the pandemic and opposed a sister city agreement with China.

Over 500 Chinese students have their U.S. visas denied. They’re hoping to study science and engineering abroad. An executive order by the Trump administration is in play.

Did Chinese authorities know about the CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus as early as fall of 2019? Months before China’s alleged patient zero appeared, Wuhan held an emergency response drill in case a new coronavirus strain were to appear in Wuhan.

Japan may join the United States in defending Taiwan if Beijing invades the island. Japan’s deputy prime minister says his country could interpret a Chinese invasion as a threat to Japan’s survival.

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