China, Russia: Friendship With ‘No Limits’

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By NTD Newsroom
October 23, 2023China in Focus

A glimpse into the China-Russia relationship.

The two countries are believed to be in a golden age of relations right before Russia invaded Ukraine in February of last year, Chinese leader Xi Jinping met with Russian president Putin in Beijing.

China declared its friendship with Russia had ‘no limits.’

That friendship was partially linked to energy. They signed a number of agreements during the visit, including a new gas deal. Under it, Russia would supply over 300 and 50 billion cubic feet of gas per year to China, via a new pipeline from Russia’s far east.

The Ukraine war boosted energy cooperation between the two countries even further.

China imported a record volume of Russian oil in the first half of this year. While the West reduced energy imports from Russia and sanctioned the country. The result? China, as the World’s second-largest economy, could stockpile cheaper oil.

The two countries started their energy partnership about ten years ago. In 2014, China and Russia signed a gas deal for $400 billion over 30 years. Bringing them closer together as they look to counter the West.

As for the Ukraine war, China has not condemned Russia’s invasion so far.

The U.S. believes China is willing to supply weapons to Moscow. Intelligence reports cite a leaked document as saying China planned to send military equipment to Russia, disguised as civilian goods.

Beijing denied the accusation.


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