China Steps Up Warning Over Pelosi’s Potential Taiwan Visit

Is Taiwan the top flashpoint in U.S.–China relations? Chinese leader Xi Jinping gave President Joe Biden a stern warning over Washington’s stance on the island, as tensions build ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan.

One of the world’s largest banks has reportedly set up a Communist Party branch in its Chinese operation. Is Beijing tightening its grip on Western financial institutions in China?

Britain’s national security adviser says the risk of a nuclear war with China is growing.

TikTok’s Chinese parent company is spending hard on lobbying the U.S. government—shelling out a record $2 million. We look at who’s on the target list.

Topics in this episode:

  1. White House: Biden, Xi to Continue Dialogue
  2. China Steps Up Warning Over Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit
  3. Chinese Communist Party Within Private Companies?
  4. Truss: Stronger Commonwealth Ties to Counter Beijing
  5. Risk of Nuclear War with China ‘Growing’
  6. Tiktok Parent Company Spent Record $2M on Lobbying
  7. Indonesian Leader in China, Vows to Deepen Ties
  8. Japan, Taiwan Lawmakers Meet for Talks
  9. Fmr Diplomat on Stake of Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

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