China to Remove Anonymity of Bloggers’ Accounts

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
October 31, 2023China in Focus

A new move from China is tightening internet scrutiny.

A series of the country’s most popular social media platforms, including Chinese versions of TikTok and Twitter, and the country’s top search engine, shared an announcement on Tuesday.

So-called “Self-media” users with over half a million followers (500,000 followers) will soon have to publicly display their real names.

A China expert told NTD that the Chinese Communist Party is using the new rule to clamp down on certain online content. Mainly: complaints about injustices inside China.

“In the past, before this real-name rule taking effectively, many people, especially the influencers would actively report, expose, and discuss various social issues or unveil authorities’ wrongdoings online,” Tang Jingyuan, a China affairs expert, said

After this new rule is imposed, few will likely engage in such activities anymore. Because they would essentially be making themselves potential targets for retaliation by local authorities or any dis. Everyone would know their real names, where they live, and who they are,” Mr. Tang said.

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