China: US, Japan, South Korea ‘Smeared’ Beijing

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
August 22, 2023China in Focus

In an escalating geopolitical twist, Beijing fired back at President Joe Biden over his trilateral summit with South Korea and Japan.

On Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry called the meeting a “deliberate attempt to sow discord” between China and its Asian neighbors.

During the summit last week, Biden discussed with South Korea and Japan’s leaders on safeguarding global supply chains.

They also reaffirmed the importance of stability in the Taiwan Strait and raised concerns about what they called China’s “dangerous and aggressive behavior” in the South China Sea.

Beijing says the summit “smeared and attacked China,” adding it considers Taiwan a domestic issue, not a global issue.

It also claims a missile agreement would “only increase the risk of confrontation.”

That’s after the U.S., South Korea, and Japan pledged to share real-time data on North Korea’s missile launches.

Including a new hotline to communicate intelligence and launch military exercises.

By contrast, Beijing has currently frozen in-person military dialogue with Washington.


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