China, US Tracking New Omicron Strain ‘Orthrus’

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
February 3, 2023China in Focus

The CCP virus, which causes COVID-19, is still mutating.

The U.S. and China are now closely tracking ‘Orthrus,’ an emerging, more transmissible COVID-19 variant.

Officially called CH.1.1, the Omicron spawn could leave America’s most dominant virus, called ‘Kraken,’ behind.

China reported 24 ‘Orthrus’ virus cases in the past three months.

Chinese officials say there is a risk of reinfection, but insists its population has immunity against it.

‘Orthrus’ has raised global concern because it carries a mutation that’s not usually seen in Omicron, but appeared in the more deadly Delta variant.

A U.S. study found ‘Orthrus’ is also “highly resistant” to current vaccines.

The emerging variant was first detected in India late last year.

It’s now present in 67 countries.


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