China’s Fight to Dominate Global Data Collection: Report

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
October 3, 2023China in Focus

Troves of U.S. data flowed from American fingertips straight into Beijing’s hands. Concerns over Chinese data collection are in the spotlight with info from health data to personal details at risk.

Beijing siphons American data in different ways. A report from the Hoover Institution says China has been trying to collect as much international data as possible. That’s because it’s a fundamental resource driving the future global economy.

The report said Beijing has already built databases full of individual human genomes that mapped weaknesses in other countries’ economies and profile foreign citizens through social media.

To do it, China has a variety of means at its disposal. One example is Chinese genomics company BGI. The company sells prenatal tests around the globe and a Reuters report found that through them, it collects genetic data from millions of women.

BGI also bought an American genomic sequencing firm in 2013, gaining a foothold in the American market.

Others are worried China might gather sensitive data through the Chinese made cranes at American shipping ports.

The defense intelligence agency says Beijing could use them to find out what’s being shipped in and out of the country when it comes to U.S. military operations.


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