Chinese Hackers Steal Trillions of Dollars of IP

Pushback against Shanghai’s restrictions are getting more violent. Protests between residents and law enforcement have sparked authorities to ramp up the rules.

Reports say those problems aren’t limited to Chinese citizens in the global financial hub, either. Foreigners living in the city are also dying at home.

Trillions of dollars in intellectual property are reported stolen after Chinese state-linked hackers attacked over 30 companies from the United States, Europe, and Asia. But the onslaught isn’t over.

An American company is trying to revive traditional Chinese culture that was almost lost. But Beijing is trying to put a stop to it, even from an ocean away.

Topics in this episode:

More Protests in Shanghai, Residents Detained
Shanghai Senior Believed to Have Starved to Death
Reports: 2 Foreigners Dead Amid Shanghai Lockdown
Chinese Hackers Steal Trillions of Dollars of IP
Beijing Tries to Block Shen Yun Shows in Mexico
‘Falling in Love Again’: Expert on U.S.-South Korea Ties
Beijing-Backed Man to Be Hong Kong Leader
China Plans to Dump 50M Foreign Computers: Report
Beijing Kicks Off New Round of COVID-19 Tests
China Car Sales Estimates Down 48 Percent

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