Chinese Police Remove Missing Person Notice for 14-Year-Old Girl
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

A missing person notice attracted the attention of netizens on Nov. 14.

A 14-year-old girl, with the last name Chen, disappeared on the way to school on Nov. 2 in Shanwei City, Guangdong province, in southeast China.

A monitoring camera showed that Chen was abducted by persons in a Toyota car. The license plate showed the car was from a neighboring province, Jiangxi.

The police determined that the car had arrived in Jiangxi Province but the girl’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Chen’s father told NTD that the missing person notices were all removed by the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The police warned them that the notices they posted had already attracted 200,000 clicks, and therefore caused a negative social impact.

They meant the notices would leave people with the impression that society is not safe and the police are not capable.

The girl’s mother then received a call from the police telling her to go to Jiangxi province to find her daughter.