Chinese Prison ID Found Sewn Into Coat in UK

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
December 1, 2023China in Focus

A Black Friday shopping spree exposing evidence of a scandal in China.

A UK buyer discovered a card sewn in the lining of her new waterproof coat.

There’s a mugshot of a man in a prisoner’s uniform, along with a name and code.

The Guardian reported that the name of a Chinese prison was also printed on the card.

The card was sealed in a plastic cardholder reading “Produced by the Ministry of Justice prisons bureau.”

The Derbyshire resident said she got the coat from a British fashion brand Regatta.

She told the Guardian that the discovery was unexpected: “it just makes you feel really uneasy and uncomfortable.”

The woman said Regatta had approached her multiple times after the report came out.

At first, they directed her to throw the card away.

Later, they asked her to mail it to the company, promising benefits in exchange.

She rejected the offer and the company denied offering the incentives.

The discovery has reignited concerns about Chinese forced labor in global supply chains.


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