Chinese State-Owned Companies Aiding Military: Report

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
October 5, 2023China in Focus

A number of state-owned enterprises have reportedly been helping equip armed forces across China even though their businesses are unrelated to military supplies.

What’s more, an investment group announced last week that over half the members of its administrative group are now serving military officers.

The entity is based in China’s largest city and financial hub—Shanghai.

Experts suggest the Chinese regime are paring up business executives with military personnel for two goals.

“One is to equip all citizens with military strength to prepare for war, (in the case of Beijing) inciting conflicts and provoking hostilities; while the other is to deploy (citizens as) armed forces to suppress protests,” Li Yuanhua, an Australian historian and China affairs expert, said.

“Because after all, mobilizing military troops or armed police can lead to coups. While mobilizing militia organizations can suppress domestic issues without interfering with the stability of the CCP regime” he added.

Four days ago, protests against the communist regime erupted across China.

As for why people are taking to the streets, China’s economy is on a downward spiral and residents are feeling the impacts as Beijing grapples with an ongoing real estate crisis, nationwide salary cuts, and tightened public censorship.

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